Triple Crown


Current 2017 Scoring

Congratulations to our 2017 Triple Crown Winners:

Sevi Hagen & Johnny Springer (2016 & 2017)
Both are JHSC Nordic Coaches!


Who will be crowned the 2017 "King & Queen of the Hole"?

The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club will answer that question through the Triple Crown race series.  To be eligible to win, a competitor must start and finish all three JHSC community events including the Nordic Moose Chase Marathon, the Town Downhill and the Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle.    Competitor points accumulate throughout the series and are published on our website after each event.  Jackson’s male and female winners will be announced during the Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle Awards Ceremony held at Astoria Hot Springs.  The Triple Crown celebrates Jackson’s winter sports traditions, creates a positive buzz in the community, increases event awareness and answers the question of who are Jackson’s best winter sports athletes.
Participants must complete all three events to qualify to win the Triple Crown. Please visit the Triple Crown scoring overview to learn more about how we determine the winners.  
To register for any of the Triple Crown races, please click the appropriate link below:
Read more about the history and background of the Triple Crown in the 2012 Jackson Hole Skier Magazine.

Past Triple Crown Champions:

2015 - Brady Johnston
2014 - Jamie Farmer & Meaghan Wheeler
2013 - Jamie Farmer
2012 - Spencer Morton & Kathleen Crowley and Junior Division winner - Peter Neal
2011 - George Putnam and Kathleen Crowley
2010 - Spencer Morton, Dave Bergart, and Kathleen Crowley


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