Wild West Skateboard Contest Series 2017










The Aion Board Shop 2017 Wild West Skateboard Contest Series is presented by: Thai Me Up Restaurant and Melvin Brewing | JHSC Freeride Program | Teton County/Jackson Parks & Rec | Claire Johnson

Daily Event Schedule (approximate):

·      12:00 - 1:00pm: Competitor check-in / day-of registration

·      1:30 (approximately): Announcement of schedule, divisions, judging criteria, event details

·      First competition starts immediately after announcements (bowl or street TBD day-of event)

·      Second competition to follow

·      Raffle and awards


Series Details:

·      Jam format contests.  Larger divisions will be broken into heats.

·   Competitors may compete in Open Class in one discipline and their age group in another discipline. Once a competitor moves up to Open Class in a discipline, they may not go back to competing in their age group for that discipline.

·      MASSIVE Raffle at each event.

·      DJs, food, sponsor booths, free high-fives

·      Event Prizes:  

o   Outlaws (open class): $150 check for 1st place, sponsor packages for 2nd and 3rd

o   All other divisions: sponsor packages for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

·      Series Winners Prizes:

o   $200 for one Overall Street Winner: Highest combined points from all street competitions

o   $200 for one Overall Bowl Winner: Highest combined points from all bowl competitions

o   $200 for one Overall Series Winner: Highest combined points from top 4 results: at least 2 bowl & 2 street.  If you compete in all 3 bowl and all 3 street contests (at Driggs/Jackson/Jackson events), your lowest score in each discipline will be dropped

o   In order to be eligible for the Overall Series Title, competitors must compete in at least 4 of the 6 regular series competitions (Driggs, Jackson and/or Jackson events)

·      Suggestions for spectators & competitors:  sunscreen, water bottle, shade, chair, blanket



Points Breakdown:

 Age Group Divisions:

o   1st = 350 points

o   2nd = 300 points

o   3rd = 250 points

·      Open Division:

o   1st = 475 points

o   2nd = 375 points

o   3rd = 275 points

·      Each competitor gets an extra 10 points for each person they beat in their specific division.

o   Example:  12 year old Johnny gets 1st place in Buckaroos division with 10 people.  He earns 350 points for 1st place plus 90 points for the nine people he beat for a total of 440 points.

·      If you compete in the Hailey, ID contest, Riverton, WY and/or the Ketchum, ID contest you get an extra 216 points (per event) towards the overall series titles.



·      Overall Series Street/Bowl Criteria

 Overall Street & Bowl titles calculated using all of a competitor's scores from that discipline PLUS any bonus points from Satellite events and Best Trick awards.

o   Competitor must compete in AT LEAST 2 bowl and 2 street competitions at the Driggs, Jackson &/or Jackson events to be eligible for Series Championship Title  


  • Overall Series Champion Criteria

o  *Final Points = total points of top 4 results plus any bonus points: for all 6 comps and/or Ketchum/ Hailey/ Riverton comps

o   Competitor's overall series score is calculated from top 2 bowl & top 2 Street scores PLUS any bonus points from Satellite Events.

o   If competitors compete in all 6 contests between Driggs, Jackson & Jackson Events (3 bowl, 3 street) they will receive an additional 275 pts towards the Overall Championship

o   In the event of an Overall Series tie, we will calculate the overall series score based using previously dropped scores.


2017 Online registration here.

HUGE Thanks to all our 2017 WWSCS Sponsors!


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