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Thanks for another great Margarita Cup season!

See you next year!!

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2016/2017 Race Days 

Snow King will be open on Mondays this winter and Margarita Cup is making the move!!  Note the 5 dates below will take place on Mondays!!

The Margarita Cup adult race league season is about to begin!  Last winter, we had 22 teams registered, and close to 200 athletes. The race season was a resounding success!  Special thanks to Pica's and Snow King Mountain for their generous support of this community Race series.  We would also like to thank Stio for support with their raffle prize donations and coats to the winning team.

For questions about the Margarita Cup contact: Bridger Call -

Get registered by December 31st.  Space is limited, first come first serve.

Team Registration for the 2016/2017 Race Season:

Team Captain:

TEAM REGISTRATION:  One Team Registration Form  should be filled out by the team captain.

TEAM ENTRY FEE: Team Entry Fee of $500.00 for self-sponsored teams and $700.00 for business-sponsored teams must be paid prior to the first race.  Pay online or stop by the Ski Club office and Pay Julie Klomparens. Please pay as a team, no separate payments. Email for payment questions.  *All proceeds benefit the JHSC Alpine Race Team

Team Members:



*download pdf of rules here:  Marg Cup Rules.pdf.


  • Each team consists of up to 6 racers
  • Racers are constant for the entire season and cannot be substituted.*
    • *If a racer is injured they may be replaced for the remainder of the season


  • Racers results are sorted by gender
  • Each racer will be assigned points descending from 20-1, beginning with 20 for first place.  After every 20 the points “restart” with 20.
  • o   i.e. a racer finishing 21st, 41st , 61st, etc. gets the same points as 1st, and so on…
  • The best 4 point scoring racers will be used for each team’s weekly score
  • DNF and DQs will result in a score of zero
  • Hiking is permitted, and as long as proper passage is made the time will post
  • Each team will receive a total score for each race which will count toward the overall series results


  • Results will be posted to the website following each race
  • Cumulative points for the entire series by team will be used to determine winners!


  • The Margarita Cup is for all regardless of ability or experience level!
  • Business sponsored teams = $700 entry
    • Eligible for series championship title = Stio Jackets
    • Eligible for business champion title = Special Picas Marg cup for 1 year
      • 30% bigger cup to live at Picas w/ Marg Cup Plaque
      • Certain number of free margs w/ cup, then regular price margs in the larger cup
  • Self sponsored teams = $500 entry
    • Eligible for series championship title only

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And the winner is!

Overall Results are always be available on this Google Sheet and is updated at the end of each race.  Wright Training & Fish Creek Excavation - Powder Pigs Racing is still leading after 3 weeks, with Stio moving to 3rd and Keely's Camp/Rendezvous River Sports - Sporting Opossoms moving to 2nd.  

Overall Results are always be available on this Google Sheet and is updated at the end of each race.  Wright Training & Fish Creek Excavation - Powder Pigs Racing is still leading after 3 weeks, with Stio in 2nd and Keely's Camp/Rendezvous River Sports - Sporting Opossoms in a close 3rd.  There is still 2 more weeks of racing to shake it up crew!!

It was the most amazing sunset!!  Seriously -- aren't we lucky to live in a place like Jackson Hole!!  Thanks for coming out and supporting the club.

Another year, another dual.  The conditions were great on the first Monday of racing this year!  Race Results are up:

Overall Team Results (and check your waiver status!!) ** updated 1/27/2017 to update athlete that was incorrectly categorized.

Margarita Cup Week #5 -- It is a wrap!  We had beautiful weather and a full house for the final day.  The dual race course was fast and furious.

Margarita Cup Week #4 -- can you believe there is just 1 more week left!  We had a great turnout and some great runs.  A big shout out to Adam Carman in his fancy faux leather purple pants.  He was fastest racer on the course.  Kristin Waddle was the fastest female of the day.

The team winner for the week was The Why Nots.  The team to beat is still the Rendezvous River Sports Plodding Opossums with the Token Male in 2nd and Stio in 3rd.  One more week to go!

We had quite a few racers out of town, but the race went on.  What a great way to spend a Friday night!

Race Results

Margarita Cup Overall Team Race Results

Weekly Race Results

Race #2 wasn't for the faint of heart!  The snow came in and didn't stop!  

Race Results

Margarita Cup Race Results

*note -- first race results have been updated to reflect a late disqualification that wasn't in the race results.

We had a great turnout last night with many old faces and new faces!  The dual course held up with a few racers challenging each other neck and neck on both the red and the blue!


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