Trail Creek Grooming Report

Uh Oh!

It’s not a good sign when the snowmobile is grooming a classic track way back in the woods in the middle of a very snowy February, but that was the scene today.  Today’s grooming began with the Pisten Bully; laboriously grinding its way through yet another very heavy snow.  After most of the field trails had been pounded into Nordic submission somehow the Pisten Bully decided that it was tired of turning which is a bit of a problem.  It is currently hanging out in the Beaver Pond area waiting for our trusty mechanic to coax it back to the circular world.

While skating is actually not too bad in the fields, with the conditions being way too warm for the Ginzu, the big sled was put to use laying in some tracks for classic skiers in the woods.  Every trail in the woods does at least have a usable lane for classic skiers.

Look for at least Ginzu skate lanes in the morning with hopefully a quick return to service for the Pisten Bully.  As of 12:45 PM it was still graupelling lightly with calm winds and a temperature of 0ºC/32ºF.

Groomer’s choice for today is to ski laps in the fields.