Trail Creek Grooming Report


Believe it or not we have had a few skaters out this morning, right behind the groomer, giving themselves one heck of a workout.  If you are looking out the winter thinking “it’s too snowy to Nordic ski”, give yourself a reset and come enjoy the beautiful day.

This beautiful day at Trail Creek entails some of the heaviest snowfall of the year since grooming began early this morning with 6-8 inches of new on top of last night’s 6 inches.  As of 1 PM it is still coming very heavily with calm winds and a temperature of -3ºC/27ºF.

The really good news today is that we got our roller back into commission which allowed us to more or less get caught back up.  With the much appreciated help of Coach Ben when he wasn’t stuck we were able to make three roller passes of the entire Moose Chase course with a Ginzu classic pass as well.  Woolsey Woods received additional Ginzu skate grooming in preparation for today’s practice.  While skating is very soft and classic skiers will discover a few hiccups along the way, all in all if you want to come ski it will work just fine.

Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods.