Trail Creek Grooming Report

Keep on Skiing!

Even though it is raining with a temperature of 1ºC/34ºF we haven’t had to resort to drastic measures as shown above to get a good Nordic workout today, your regular Nordic skis will do just fine.

In fact there is a whole list of really good things that happen when you get a rainy February day.  First off is that the moose are really enjoying browsing on the recently fallen trees, a couple from Oregon stopped by yesterday and indicated that skiing in the rain is actually quite nice, and it looks like there will be some great crust cruising over the weekend.

Today’s grooming covered pretty much every trail and included a Ginzu classic track followed by a roller pass.  While conditions aren’t perfect, we have actually had a few skiers out and they are doing pretty well.  Also all of the down trees have been at least partially cleared from the ski lanes.

Coming up is a Junior National Qualifier this weekend in West Yellowstone; hopefully our racers will be able to make it.

Groomer’s choice for today is Woolsey Woods but don’t forget your rain gear.