Trail Creek Grooming Report

Hard or Soft!

Today at Trail Creek you can have it just how you like it.  While the trails we have been maintaining all winter are a bit on the hard side today as a result of last week’s rains and the recent cooler temperatures, today a new parallel trail was put in around the perimeter of the fields which will give you a softer option if that is the way you like it.

The conditions are rather unprecedented here today with a very firm snow pack even though the top four inches is kind of crumbly.  The rains resulted in some really uneven surface conditions.  While classic skiers are able to travel with relative ease where ever they want, it is a little rough and soft for skaters to crust cruise effortlessly.  The Ginzu however was able to level and firm things quite nicely resulting in a pretty nice trail going around the perimeter of the fields.

The Ginzu also did a lap of the Moose Chase Course which with the 10:20 AM temperature of -11ºC/12ºF is still quite hard although it should soften a bit this afternoon as the blazing sun does its job.

One final note, results from last weekend’s Junior National Qualifier are available online now here.  Looks like we once again had some strong finishes, congratulations to the racers.

Groomer’s choice for today is the new parallel trail around the fields.