Trail Creek Grooming Report

No Fatalities!

It is always amazing and a small miracle to get through yet another Nordic X with nothing but a few broken skis and poles, a plentiful supply of bruises, and perhaps a sprain or two.  Yesterday was nearly a perfect day with temps in the 60’s and a record number of attendees.  A million thanks to our local Wellspring of Nordic Communication, Nancy Leon for putting the groomer’s camera to work snapping some great images.  Click on any of the images above and below for more detail.

Looking ahead our focus is providing a training venue for the Pole, Peddle, Paddle Nordic skiers.  Since the “moose zones” in the woods have become quite dirty and unless we get more snow, the grooming route is going to be the perimeter of the fields, Beaver Ponds to Sam, and then most National Forest trails as they are the cleanest trails in the woods.  Mornings should be great in the fields and if you can’t get out until afternoon the woods will still probably work.  The tentative schedule this week is a grooming Tuesday and Thursday evenings with the possibility of a final grooming next weekend.

Today’s grooming was the above mentioned route with double Pisten Bully passes complete with fresh classic tracks.  Skaters were still doing pretty well in the fields as of 11 AM and some classic skiers were having a grand time in the woods.  11:15 AM conditions are partly cloudy, calm, with a temperature of 6ºC/43ºF. 

Groomer’s choice for today is to pack your skis and boots on your summit pack, ride your bike up to Trail Creek, and have a great ski.


Air Time!                                                                      French Fries?


Oh!                                                                            Coach Ben in the lead!


Coach Will making the moves!                                  Coach Will and Johnny in the pack!

Big Hair!