Trail Creek Grooming Report

Wishful Thinking!

The image above is but a distant memory, it is amazing how fast spring has slipped into the valley this year.  The lengthening days and warming temps are a welcome invitation to switch gears to the summer mode but you still have time to get a few more skis in yet this season.

Last night at Trail Creek the Pisten Bully made double passes of the perimeter of the fields, through Beaver Ponds, and out to and around the National Forest.  Even with the recent warm temperatures the bases still held up well and the Pisten Bully was able to smooth things nicely.  While the temperature was still in the 40’s at the end of grooming, the initial passes were already firming up and on their way to good skating although the fact that it has been raining overnight might have softened things up a bit.  If you have time to get out this morning you might bring both sets of skis as the skating could be good and if not you will get a nice classic ski.

Next tentative grooming is Thursday evening; Friday morning should be good skiing as it is supposed to freeze hard Thursday night.  There is still time to register for Saturday’s Pole Pedal Paddle.

Groomer’s choice for today is to keep training for the PPP.