Trail Creek Grooming Report



Ski Club member Alex Muromcew has taken us to the next level when it comes to recording our goings-on.  Alex brought his drone to the recent Nordic X and was able to get some amazing footage.  He combined this footage with images from throughout the season and produced the amazing video you can watch when you click on the image above, turn up your sound and enjoy!

Looking at the current conditions at Trail Creek, as of report time at 10:20 PM Thursday, there is about 10 kilometers of fresh Pisten Bully grooming that came together in the nicest of ways this evening.  Those 10 K’s are presently consolidating themselves into some potentially quite wonderfulskiing conditions for you if you are able to make it out tomorrow (probably today when you read this).  The forecast calls for a low in the mid 20’s with a sunny spring day and a high of 8ºC/47ºF.  This could be one of your last best chances for some groomed skiing for the 2016-2017 season.  If you like it fast hit it early, if a little slower and calmer is your preference, then wait until noon; the woods should work all day.

Once again tonight the grooming route was double passes of the perimeter of the fields, through Beaver Ponds, and out to and around the National Forest.  As of now the plan is for one more grooming either Saturday night or 9 AM Sunday Morning.  One last note, if you are on the fence about Saturday’s Pole, Peddle, Paddle, there is still time to register, just stop by the Ski Club office tomorrow and you won’t be sorry.

Groomer’s choice for today is to get a practice run for the PPP.