Trail Creek Grooming Report

The Final Edition; One for the Record Book!

For another season the Nordic circle has been fulfilled, and has been done so in a spectacular fashion this year.   The few hundred acres of Wyoming we call Trail Creek has once again been successfully  spurred into becoming a locus of health, racing, camaraderie, youthful empowerment, and simply a place to have fun.  While the rich environment ranging from lichens and conifers to weasels and moose facilitates this mission, the true driving force are all the people who believe that these few hundred acres can make the world a little better place and support the mission with their time, resources, or by simply enjoying the skiing and making themselves healthier; Thanks!

The local record book has had numerous entries this winter with not only a record number of racing days and racing kilometers, but more youth participants, more champions, and more snow topping the list.  From the record early opening of the East Fields to the team’s spectacular finish at Nationals they just kept coming.  Many thanks also for your understanding, patience, and support for dealing with challenging grooming weather and the resulting wear and tear on equipment.

Today’s grooming was double Pisten Bully passes with fresh classic tracks of the perimeter of the fields and to and around the National Forest trails.  The hoped for snow last night did not materialize, with the result being that this morning's grooming results did tend to change a bit throughout the session and as of noon with a temperature of 3ºC/38ºF conditions are a little soft but still quite beautiful.  The snow being a little soft is ok however, as it will just give you a little more time to enjoy that one last freshly groomed ski.

The last adventure skier to lay tracks in the woods could easily be a month from now so while you will probably begin to focus on your running shoes, bicycle, or fishing rod, keep your skis handy for that one last great Nordic ski.  Until some wintry November day when we get to do this all over again best wishes.

Groomer’s choice for today is Trail Creek

Steve Swan your groomer