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USSA Cross Country Training System

Often times we receive questions about why we have set up our teams and program offerings like we do. The Jackson Hole Ski Club Nordic Program Staff takes time and energy to develop the plan for our Nordic Program. One of the major factors that has helped shape the program is the US Ski & Snowboard Association's Cross Country Training Sytem. For more information about the System, please check out the following.
The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is an Authorized Permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an Equal Opportunity Provider. 

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See you November 7, 2015 at Trail Creek, Wilson WY

Getting Trail Creek ready for the ski season means winter is almost here.  Racers will soon be flying around the beautiful groomed trails!  These trails will be that much more beautiful after a full day of work cutting brush, moving firewood, and getting the cabins setup.

If volunteer opportunities for credit are full, please don't hesitate to come out and help anyway. This is a great chance to get psyched for the winter and kick off the season.

In the Nordic world, the summer months signify the base building period in which athletes establish their fitness foundation that they will rely upon come wintertime.  The JHSC Nordic Comp Team started this training period in mid May, and will be ramping up their hours of training every month until November, when their competition period commences. The newly founded Prep Team, which consist of first year U16s, will start joining the comp team 3 days per week in the beginning of July to initiate their summer training routine.