Prep Team

The concept of the Prep Team is to help foster U16 athletes from the Junior Team on to the Comp Team. The intention behind introducing this new team in the 2015-16 season was to provide a more focused training plan that not only better fits the athletes' biological age but also helps develop athletes so they will be ready and more capable of handling the training demands and level of commitment that is required to be on the Comp Team. 
The Prep team will train with the Comp Team 2-3 days a week in the summer and fall and 3-4 days in the winter.  More often than not the Prep Team will remain autonomous on Comp Team high volume training days. Technique will be a major focus, but placing emphasis on endurance, strength and speed will take priority as well. Training is more based on individual needs and personal goals. We are aiming to help athletes assess where they currently stand, and from there develop a plan that best suites their progression onto the Comp Team. 
The physical and mental demands of the sport give a tangible reality to the concept of working and improving. Competition, training, and the motivator of personal improvement inculcate the principles of teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, time management and commitment. These are lessons kdis take away and keep fro the rest of their lives. We have created seasonal program offerings to be more flexible for athletes and parents. You can register for Summer only, Fall only, Winter only or the complete program to fit your needs. Some athletes may be inclined to train with the Prep Team during the summer or fall months in preperation for joining the comp team come winter. These athletes have the opportunity to attend several summer training camps (on and off snow). Individual goals and the coach's assessment will help in this transition. 

Skill Development Focus

  • Focus on effectively executing efficient energy application.
  • Understand and use the setting of three levels of goals; results, performance, and process.
  • Effectively use imagery, focus, goal setting and planning to achieve improving results.
  • Begin to specialize & focus more on ski specific training.
  • Development of speed
  • Understand basic training periodization & focusing on different aspects of such throughout the season.
  • Understand the basic techniques for waxing both Skate & Classic skis for training/racing & the importance of waxing regularly; Becoming more capable of choosing waxes for the conditions.


Born 2001-2002

Training and Development 

JHSC follows the guidelines established over long periods of time by the world's top ski programs. In working with American kids we recognize that they may not have the depth of a ski background that some of their foreign contemporaries do. There are ways in which we must adapt training practices to cultural norms, and there are ways in which we encourage adapting personal and cultural habits to the demands of the sport. The coaches at JHSC follow a principle of building solid foundations through fun and hard work, encouraging patience, appreciation of personal progress, and a willingness and eagerness to test oneself in higher and higher levels of competition. We follow conservative and realistic training hour guidelines and the emphasis at the junior level is more on the quality of an individual's training hours than on the number of them.  Prep Team athletes have the opportunity and are supported to participate in the highest levels of competition available to Juniors in the US. This is a new opportunity for most Prep Team athletes as they graduate from a U14 to compete at within the U16 age class, rendering them eligible to qualify and compete at Junior Nationals. We believe solid, rational training puts us there, and it is a fun place to be. 

Cross Country Training Systems

We often receive questions about why we have set up our teams and program offerings like we do.  The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club Nordic Program Staff takes time and energy to develop the plans for each of our Nordic Programs.  These are designed to respect each social and biological age window, and to take advantage of the learning opportunities in each stage. Each of our offerings is consciously designed to link with the next. We use and adapt the work of top programs around the country and of national systems from the worlds' best ski nations including the US, Canada, Sweden and Norway. The athletes' individual needs and the programs' goals steer the ship. The Training Systems are charts, and sources for ideas. For more information about the US System, please check out the following.  Athletes on the Junior Team are in Phases 3 & 4. 

2017-18 Training Session & Program Fee 

Early registration helps our planning! Register by August 15th and receive $50 off after check out.  Register Now
Fall, Winter & Year Round program rates increase $100 on September 20th & November 1st, 2017. Payment plan: register by September 30th with a minimum $100 deposit.  Balance is divided over October, November & December, paid in full by 12/31/17.
Full Time Year Round Commitment May 30th - March 16th $3150
Summer Program 3 days/week. 5 sessions May 30th - August 31st


Summer Program- 1 week May 30th - August 31st $150
Fall Program 4-5 days/week September 1st - November 17th $850
Winter Program 4- 6 days/week November 21st - March 16th $1950

Race Travel Costs

4 Training & Race trips - Estimated total cost: approximately $1200

Summer Dryland

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8 a.m. Some high volume weeks will include afternoon sessions at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday. More information can be found here.

Fall Dryland

Schedule TBD

On Snow

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 3:15pm-5:30pm @ Trail Creek Ranch – varies periodically

Academic Commitment

Athletes on the Prep Team need to set up their academic calendar so that they can be excused from their 7th period class.  For more information about the Early Release programs for the schools, please click here.  


USSA: $95 
IMD: $20 ($40 after January 1st)

Work Deposit

There is a 3 day work deposit commitment with this program. Learn more about the work deposit program here.

Team Meeting

TBA 6 p.m. in the Lodge Room at The Snow King Center. Each team will meet as a group (Coaches, Parents, and Athletes) prior to the ski season to discuss the training schedule, equipment, the race calendar and more. 
TBA - Pre season Nordic club wide ski swap BBQ in the Lodge Room at the Snow King Center!   This is an opportunity to get together and get pysched for the season. Please bring any used or outgrown equipment as we will be holding an in-club swap just for the junior athletes.

Team Night at Skinny Skis

TBA- Skinny Skis will have reps on hand for any equipment related questions. One night only pricing on race gear, 30% off.

2017-18 Race Schedule

Regional & National Circuit 

December 2-3. West Yellowstone Super Tour
December 16-17. IMD Opener. Bozeman
January 2-6. U.S. Nationals Anchorage AK
January 13-14. JNQ#1. West Yellowstone
January 26-27. JNQ#2. Soldier Hollow
February 17-18. JNQ#3 McCall
February 24-25. Intermountain Youth Festival. Jackson
March 5-11. Junior Nationals. Soldier Hollow, UT

Local Circuit 

December 30. Betty Woolsey Classic
February 17-18. Moose Chase. 
More to come..
The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is an Authorized Permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an Equal Opportunity Provider.