Teewinot Team

We offer the Teewinot program to skiers of all ability levels; from the first time beginner to the future racer. Our goal is developing each individual's skiing skills to maximize his or her athletic potential, while having a terrific time on skis. We introduce aspects of of Skate and Classic technique and basic training and conditioning, as well as a general appreciation of and respect for the Nordic environment.
This program is the first step towards participating in local & regional competitions. Participants are welcome and encouraged to race in local races. Athletes are arranged in groups based on skill, speed and social needs. Athlete to Coach ratio: 5:1

Skill Development Focus

Focus on proper body position, balance, and technique through ski play; Understanding the importance of teamwork and fair play; Participating in a wide variety of sports to develop balance, agility, general strength, flexibility and speed; Understanding the importance of ski ties!!


Born 2006-2008 Age 8-10

Training Session

January 3rd - March 16th
Tuesday & Thursday, 3:45-5:15pm @ Trail Creek Ranch, Stilson Fields or Teton Pines.

Program Fee

$395  Registration is full. 

Equipment - Optional

$50 lease fee **Equipment available on a first come first served basis & in children’s sizes only

Work Deposit

There is a 1 day work deposit commitment with this program. Learn more about the work deposit program here.

Cross Country Training Systems

We often receive questions about why we have set up our teams and program offerings like we do.  The Jackson Hole Ski Club Nordic Program Staff takes time and energy to develop the plans for each of our Nordic Programs.  These are designed to respect each social and biological age window, and to take advantage of the learning opportunities in each stage. Each of our offerings is consciously designed to link with the next. We use and adapt the work of top programs around the country and of national systems from the worlds' best ski nations including the US, Canada, Sweden and Norway. The athletes' individual needs and the programs' goals steer the ship. The Training Systems are charts, and sources for ideas. For more information about the US System, please check out the following.  Athletes on the Teewinot Team are in Phases 2 & 3. 

Team Meeting

December 21st 6 p.m. in the Lodge Room at The Snow King Center. Each team will meet as a group (Coaches, Parents, & Athletes) prior to the ski season to discuss the training schedule, equipment, the race calendar and more.
October 5th -5-7 p.m. - Pre season Nordic club wide ski swap BBQ in the Lodge Room at the Snow King Center!   This is an opportunity to get together and get pysched for the season. Please bring any used or outgrown equipment as we will be holding an in-club swap just for the junior athletes.

Team Night at Skinny Skis

October 19th- Skinny Skis will have reps on hand for any equipment related questions. One night only pricing on race gear, 30% off.

2016-17 Race Schedule (Optional)

December 16-17 Jackson -IMD/WYHS Junior National Qualifier Trail Creek
December 31 Jackson - Betty Woolsey Classic Trail Creek
February 18 Jackson- Moose Chase Trail Creek
The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is an Authorized Permittee of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and an Equal Opportunity Provider.