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JHSC Freeride Program Philosophy

The goal of the JHSC Freeride Program is to guide young athletes as they develop, and attain their short and long term freeskiing/snowboarding goals while promoting strong decision making skills, all-mountain etiquette, a strong work ethic, creativity, confidence and good sportsmanship.  The Freeride Program strives to create a positive, motivated, fun training atmosphere that teaches athletes how to succeed in all endeavors, both on and off the snow.

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Coaches' Phone Numbers:

We want to make sure you have access to our coaches, but please respect their time.  Please do not contact any coaches after 7 pm unless it's an emergency or specific to a travel event. Thanks.
Head Coach/ Assistant Program Director -Lance Pitman: (3O7) 699-7533
Progression Plus / Competition Team Coach - Aarron Hallenbeck: (72O) 289-7220
Progression Plus Coach - Jamie Culp: (3O3) 253-2136
Progression/ Shredders Coach - Adam Dowell: (3O7)-690-9720
Shredders Coach - Cristina Wiley: (5O8) 942-8078
NGS / Shredders Coach - Talia Atkins: (97O) 942-0523
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Complete Freeride Program (FRP) Overview

The Freeride Program (FRP) is a year round snowboard & freeski training program which offers summer camps designed to directly correlate to our athletes' winter goals.  Summer camps include skateboarding, gymnastics, water ramp & foam pit training as well as on-snow camps both domestically and internationally.

Grasshopper Snowboard Fund

Established in 2015, the Grasshopper Snowboard Fund is a financial support system for dedicated JHSC snowboarders who exemplify a strong work ethic and are committed to progressing both as individuals and as competitive athletes.  Grasshopper funds are used to support JHSC snowboarders with equipment, travel expenses and educational experiences.  Thank you to our anonymous Grasshopper donor for supporting the young snowboard athletes of the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club.