U 10 Team

Age for 2016-17 Winter Season

Born 2007-2009
Comprised of 7-9 year old athletes, the U10 program is organized to teach fundamental skiing skills and to introduce competitive ski racing to the young athlete.  Emphasis is placed on the technical fundamentals of skiing that apply to all types of alpine skiing. This is accomplished through free skiing over the entire Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on Saturdays, as well as two afternoon/evenings of training at Snow King per week. Fundamental skills will be taught including balance, edging, body position, and more, as well as the introduction of the tactical fundamentals of racing… and always having fun! For training purposes athletes will often be arranged in groups of 5-7 athletes per coach to facilitate a productive learning environment, groups are dynamic but are generally based on skill, speed, and social needs.  Participants must be able to put on their own ski equipment, load and ride the lift alone, and ski at an intermediate level. Racing introduction will focus predominantly on modern giant slalom and slalom technique. Athletes will work with a team of coaches dedicated to the U10 group.
Athlete to Coach Ratio: 6:1


Skill Development Focus

All-Mountain Safety; Learning a basic balanced athletic position on skis; distributing weight evenly between both skis; upper body discipline and/or upper-lower body separation; having a consistent stance while maintaining a balanced athletic position on skis; and an introduction to the basic tactical elements of racing. For more information on the Athlete Training System, and program delivery click here.


U10 athletes are encouraged to compete in 6-14 races per winter. The JHSC Club Series is a local race series that serves as a fun introduction to ski racing. The Club Series is designed to provide the opportunity to race locally (day trips), very inexpensively, and is open to all. 
JHSC will travel with U10 athletes to USSA sanctioned races within the Intermountain Division (North Series). The U12 and U10 athletes will compete together in one race series, but in their own age groups. At this age athletes must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order to travel to races.
The choice to travel to races is up to the individual athlete/family, and is not a pre-requisite for participation in the program. For a given age group on an ‘away' race weekend, there will be a group that travels to the race, and a group that remains in Jackson to ski/train. Athletes will have the opportunity for full-time coaching and training (respective to their program) regardless of whether they choose to travel to races or not. And while competition is a stated goal of the program, athletic and personal development is the primary focus.

2016/17 Races in Jackson (or nearby area)

Bank of Jackson Hole Club Series (6 races)
U12/10 North Series, Jan. 14-15 (2GS)

Training Session

December 3rd -March 18th
Saturday, 8:45-3:00 pm @JHMR
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4pm-6pm @ Snow King

Program Fee

$1,700 Register Now
Early registration helps our planning! Register by August 15th and receive $50 off after check out. 

Program rates increase $100 on September 21st & November 1st, 2016. Payment plan: register by September 30th with a minimum $100 deposit.  Balance is divided over October, November & December, paid in full by 12/31/16.


None required for Club Series participation.
USSA: $25 (required for USSA/IMD events)
IMD: $20 (required for USSA/IMD events)

Race Travel Expenses

• Club Series Racing (up to 6 races, minimal fees)
• IMD races (up to 10 races, estimated $200 per ‘away' race)

Ski Passes

Athletes need a Snow King Mountain & Jackson Hole Mountain Resort season pass. Pass prices are not included in program fees and must be purchased directly through Snow King and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. 

Work Deposit

There is a 2 day work deposit commitment with this program.  Learn more about the work deposit program here.


Recommended 1 pair of race skis, 1 pair of freeskis.
  • JHSC internal equipment exchange night (used gear) - September 15 6-8pm @ Snow King Lodge Room
  • Manufacturer’s Equipment Night (new gear) - September 26 6-8pm @ Teton County Fair Building
  • JHSC Ski Swap (used gear) - Oct 21-22 @ Heritage Arena

Team Meeting

New Parent athlete Orientation Night: October 20 @ 6:00pm at the Snow King Lodge Room.
U10 Meeting: November 29 6:00 pm at the Snow King Lodge Room. Each Team will meet as a group (Coaches, Parents, & athletes) prior to the ski season to discuss the training schedule, equipment, the race calendar and more.