Work Deposit Requirements

The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club hosts numerous events throughout the fall and winter. Our events generate revenue for the local economy and save families money on travel expenses. Local events also give our kids a home field advantage and generate revenue for the Club. View the calendar of events.
JHSC operates with a small staff and a limited budget, and must rely heavily on the generosity of hundreds of volunteers. To ensure the success of its programs, the JHSC requires that parents participate in the Work Deposit Program. This program ensures that workers are available and motivated to assist with the JHSC races, events and fundraising. It is also a way to get parents involved and committed to the success of the Club. Families may elect to pay their work deposit at registration at the rate of $150/day.
The JHSC Volunteer Coordinator will record all volunteer hours and keep a log of the number of days worked. In April, the JHSC Office Manager will contact all club families with their status in terms of completing the work hour commitment. All remaining work deposit balances will be billed $150/day at this time.
*Families with more than one athlete participating in JHSC programs*.  Families will be responsible for the work deposit of the program with the highest commitment and one additional day per child.  For example, Family A's children participate in Alpine U16 (3 work deposit), Junior Nordic (3 work deposit) and Snowboard Shredders (1 work deposit).  Family A's obligation would be 5 days.
Work deposit and volunteer status for the 2016/2017 winter season is available on this Google Sheet
Program Days Required
Alpine - 2 Day Race Team 1
Alpine - U 10 2
Alpine - U 12 2
Alpine - U12 part time on snow 2
Alpine - U 14 3
Alpine - U14 part time on snow 3
Alpine - U 16 3
Alpine - U 19/21 4
Nordic - Teewinot 1
Nordic - Development 1
Nordic - Jr. Nordic 3
Nordic - Prep Team (winter or full year) 3
Nordic - Comp Team (winter or full year) 3
Freeride - Snowboard Shredders 1
Freeride - Progression (Snowboard & Freeski) 1
Freeride - Progresion Plus (Snowboard & Freeski) 2
Freeride - Competition (Snowboard & Freeski) 3